When I was young, this was the sign…a pale, faded-blue, wooden sign…chipped and weather worn at the top of the mountain as you dropped from Alleghany County into Glorious Craig (no offense Alleghany).  “Keep Craig Beautiful.”  The long miles ahead of The Jefferson National Forest brought a much needed sigh of relief from the wildness of my life and I felt snug as a bug in a rug and happier than any other place on Earth.

Who knew I’d live most of my days tucked into that beautiful forest?  Lucky me.  Those signs made a strong impression on me as a young woman.  I knew it was my charge to preserve the natural beauty of Earth and steward the fierce love for hill and dale that coursed through my veins.

So here we are…my community of coffee loving wonderful people! This year we are thinking trees.  Fruit and nut and life giving trees.  A portion of each purchase of Keep Craig Beautiful will go towards our nursery and be gifted out into our local world as they reach their prime.

There will be more opportunities to help hands on.  Litter pickup, general beautification of things in the dim and dull, and facilitation of all things natural and beautiful…and of course, plenty of coffee to share and support our beautiful community.

Thank you for this.

We got this.

Fuel Your Evolution.

Mattie Skaff Barnes


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