Breathe in…

Breathe out…

How in the world has it been twenty-eight full years of Mattie’s Roastery?

How in the world has it been thirty-four years (some just learning and wishing) of roasting the glorious coffee bean for me?

When I started, there were a few offerings…that quickly grew into forty some offerings…that spiraled out into the land of creativity topping out at around a hundred varieties…the wild little general store humming along and us drinking a whole lot of coffee with little sleep.  ha.  so fun and so complicated!

Then, down to eighty kinds when I moved to the farm in Virginia.

Then, brace yourselves!…fifty eight!  thirty nine!  twenty seven!…over the following decade(s).

And now…a spectacular eleven.  Eleven.  The master number.  The number of a graduate of creation.  The number of a lover of the finest of all varieties.  The number of a fifty-one year old young girl after twenty-eight/thirty-four years.  The number of love for the broad path that led me to these shining stars.

Some of your favorites have disappeared in the night.  Some have merged with their friends to become one.  Some have a simple label shift with the same glorious blend within.

I have heard your threats:  “if you quit roasting, i’m switching to tea.”  “you cannot quit roasting before i die!”  Such sweet love letters.  I feel the same.  Coffee can be really, really disapointing and awful.  I’ll take mine sustainable, chemical free, fresh and incredible please.

Thank you for letting me simplify my passion.

I love you all…and especially these beautiful eleven.

Simply, Mattie.

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