What a wild thirty years it’s been since I pulled my first shot of espresso as a 17 year old teenager (okay, okay 31).  And now here I am well into my 25th year of Mattie’s Mountain Mud still perfecting our espresso with each new crop that arrives (thank goodness it just keeps getting better and better).  I’ve decided to carry on for another twenty five years or so (as long as you will have me) and hope you will join me for as many as you are able.

I am rebranding as I didn’t actually name my own business (I did agree to the name when I was 24) and things do go on evolving and one day you wake up and that favorite sweater is worn threadbare and it’s time to find a new favorite.  So here I am.

Welcome “Bloomprint Coffee”.   It took a lot of Mountain Mud for her to bloom and for that, I am ever grateful.  Sarah and I  have taken the cream of the crops with us to this new flowering land.  A few are renamed, a couple retired, and they all continue to evolve.

Same great fresh crop coffees, fresh roasted for you when you order.  All organic and fairtrade and shade grown and sustainable.  Still roasted by a gal on a farm.  Still me, Mattie, filling your every order with care and love and happiness.  Just getting a new favorite cup to put them all in and putting on a bit of shine.  Please enjoy.  And thank you for coming with me.  We have much to do and many cups to share.  Cheers, Mattie

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