Storefront 1997

Storefront 1997

What a lifetime ago…such a beautiful time.  We opened our coffeehouse in the old Princess Theatre building in my hometown of Lewisburg, W.V.  It was a treasure trove, Mattie’s Roastery and General Store.  A place for community, a place of quality goodness, and a place of epic joy.  My brother, Todd, made that brushed aluminum sign and all the stenciling that called in the passersby.  Many years later, our apostrophe went missing and I became plural for a short while…until we found it well hidden by a toddler in a potted plant, so my time of multibeing was short-lived.


The list on the side window read:

  • tea
  • tavern puzzles
  • W.V. (Coal) or (honey)
  • bottle coke
  • antiques
  • moonlight to (perhaps) midnight
  • espresso
  • W.V. maple syrup
  • newspapers
  • juice
  • pure maple candy
  • book(???)
  • mountain(?? there could have been whole mountains in there)
  • spices
  • redband candy
  • music
  • homemade italian sodas
  • bulk o(..?)
  • ground peanut butter
  • and…the photo is cut off and the list went both east and south and my memory lapses.

The front door read, “Life’s too short for troubled water.”  a temptress of fate?  and a tale for another day.

Almost Twenty, Mattie’s.

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