Forest Blend:  A deep and complex blend, with vibrant, spicy aromas and nice acidity. Like a long hike on a crisp fall evening, when the leaves turn fiery red in the golden sun.

The Forest…aahhhh…by far my favorite place on Earth.  It is fitting that I married a sawyer and allowed myself to whisked into the far beyond where the trees are our closest friends.  My life depends on the forest…and with the strength and demands of that relationship, you need a lot of excellent coffee!  This morning’s cup was greeted by a flock of baby turkeys with momma herding them through the watermelon patch back into the safety of the woodland.

I hike daily for hours to find my grounding and help wear out our English Shepherd.  If I don’t go, I can hear the wild calling…knowing that I have missed the daily changes that spark so much life and connectivity in my stewardship to this land.  So grab a mug of Forest and hang on…life’s wild…can you hear the call?

Cheers!  Mattie.

Ingredients:  Organic Coffee Beans

Fair Trade Certified.



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