Extra Large Produce Burlap Bag

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This extra large sized bag is a one of a kind!  Made from our green coffee bean burlap sacks.  Lots of love and care with a drawstring closure and our Bloomprint Coffee logo on one side, unlined with lots of cool coffee data on the other side.  Hand-wash cold and line dry if needed.

Great for bulk garden collection (think dent corn or seed heads).  Twenty One+ inches wide by Twenty Seven+ inches tall (holds a standard fawn).

Hand sewn and printed by Jennifer@ Jovial Toad Art, a woman owned art and textile adventure.  Handmade and inspired by nature.

Thank you for helping with our no waste policy at Bloomprint Coffee!  All proceeds go to the artist and towards fruit and nut trees on the farm and for our community.

1 in stock

Jovial Toad:

A woman owned art and textile adventure (head over to look at the burlap bags she’s making for me..oh my beautiful)!  Made by hand and inspired by nature.

Artist Statement ~ Jennifer Ehalt

My journey with art started long ago with photography and has evolved into painting and printmaking.  The natural world inspires me, so I work mostly on landscapes in a loosely realistic style.  Pet portraits are also a favorite of mine.  I find joy in bringing out the personality of a beloved pet or capturing the way light creates contrast on the mountains with only brushstrokes.  It is addictive and I will never get enough.




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Your purchase provides 2 cups per 3/4lb to those in great need.  Thank you.