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Dark roasted to the depths of the earth.  Gloriously charcoaled.

Ingredients:  Organic Coffee Beans

Fairtrade Certified

Charcoaled.  As far as I can take the bean under fire.  Named for a fine friend that taught me anything is possible if you believe despite the odds and despite the number of times they visit you.

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2 reviews for Coal

  1. Kelley L

    The best dark roast bean ever. I first discovered this bean in Lewisburg, WV where my brother went to med school. He tasted it and introduced me to it. Dark and glossy and rich — no anemic, dry brown beans here. It’s not burnt-tasting like some dark roasts can get, it’s chocolate-y and sweet. Mattie knows what she’s doing. It’s one of those rare coffees that tastes as good as the beans smell.

  2. Steven Summers

    Found this coffee at a local market close by the house and happy to have. Let’s just say if you’re not a dark roast fan stay away from this bean. I have been looking for the perfect darkness this bean provides for so long. Thank you for the goodness you placed in my cup. Not bitter but strong fruity finish in every sip. And the beans have a glass gloss to them that make them shine something crazy. This bean has become a staple in my home and i may even share with a few of my hard core coffee drinking friends.

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